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Sinopec Engine Oil Certification

ILD Environmentally Friendly Engine Coolant YF-2A Datasheet

Sinopec Environmentally Friendly Engine Coolant YF-2A is formulated using ethylene glycol and a balanced mixture of organic acid based corrosion inhibitors.

Agriculture Brochure

As for Australia, Sinopec’s extensive investment in tailoring a comprehensive product range to more than meet our most arduous applications and conditions is evidence of a commitment to Australian industries.

ILD Transmission & Gear Oil Brochure

Transmissions and gearing in today’s modern equipment are highly complex and experience high loads, increased heat levels and severe pressures. They transfer enormous power generated by the engine to other metal components.

Transport Brochure

The Sinopec Group is the world’s second largest oil refiner. Its products have been keeping the wheels of the Chinese economic miracle turning for years – from oil and gas exploration equipment to lubricants for the aerospace industry.

Hydraulic Oils Brochure

Today’s world is made up of technologically complex machines and equipment – all experiencing varying levels of loads, heat and pressures. Sinopec hydraulic oil products are engineered with high viscosity index base oils to provide outstanding anti-wear performance.

Mining and Earthmoving Brochure

The impressive supply capabilities of ILD and Sinopec mean you are dealing with a trustworthy supplier of the highest pedigree. You will not pay extra for a rapid response to your orders and product supply requirements. Put us to the test.

Sinopec Tulux T600 Datasheet

The Sinopec Group is the world’s fourth largest lubricants blender and the world’s second largest refiner. Sinopec is a top tier manufacturer of premium products that meets or exceeds the world’s highest quality and performance standards.

ILD Reseller Brochure

The ILD team understands that both resellers and customers don’t need unnecessary distractions; wondering if the right oil is being used for their specific application. They just know their equipment and machinery can only earn a profitable income by their maximised productivity

ILD Profile Brochure

In just a few short years, the partnership between ILD and Sinopec has impacted Australia’s lubricant industry. Together, they now lead the way in delivering a fresh new approach to doing business in today’s extremely competitive environment.