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 This product is discontinued and replaced by T700

Sinopec Tulux T600 LA 10W40 Diesel Engine Oil is formulated with high viscosity index, synthetic technology base oils and advanced low-ash multifunctional additive technology to meet the particular requirements of the latest low-emission Euro IV and V and Australian ADR 80/02 and 80/03 trucks and buses. It can also be used for older trucks and buses. Sinopec Tulux T600 LA 10W40 Diesel Engine Oil is a stable, stay-in-grade oil providing excellent control of piston cleanliness, wear, soot handling and lubricant stability.





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This product is discontinued and T700 is recommended.


  • Highly rated diesel engines meeting Euro IV and Euro V and Australian ADR 80/02 and 80/03 emission requirements and running under very severe conditions,e.g. significantly extended oil drain intervals according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Engines fitted with particulate filters, designed for use in combination with low-sulfur diesel fuel. 
  • EGR engines, with or without particulate filters, and for engines fitted with SCR NOx reduction systems. 



Formulated with high viscosity index synthetic technology base oils, which provide improved oxidation control over conventional oils, reducing the formation of sludge and deposits and reducing oil thickening, thereby keeping the product in grade for longer, extending oil life, allowing longer oil drain intervals and reduced maintenance and inventory costs.

Very low oil evaporation loss leads to reduced oil consumption and reduced exhaust emissions.

Outstanding soot and deposit control provide protection against piston deposits and valve train wear, and ensure the engine cleanliness and smooth running.

Low ash content provides excellent protection to modern low emission diesel engines, enabling them to meet stringent Euro IV and V and Australian ADR 80/02 and 80/03 emissions requirements.

Excellent control of aeration and foaming ensures protection of engine parts.

High acid neutralisation ability together with TBN retention, provide rust and corrosion protection and prolong engine life.

Fully compatible with exhaust gas after-treatment components.

Good elastomer compatibility ensures longer gasket and seal life, and prevents oil leakage.

Excellent low-temperature properties ensure good fluidity at low temperatures and protect against start-up wear.

This ACEA E6 quality engine oil can be used in engines running on modern 5% biodiesel (B05) fuel.


Industry/ Manufacturer  Specification 
SAE grade SAE 10W40
ACEA E7-08, E6-08, E4-08
API Service Classification Diesel: CI-4, CH-4 and earlier HDDEO specifications
API Service Classification CI-4
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Brand Sinopec
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