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Sinopec HPXT Grease is an extreme pressure, heavy-duty wheel bearing and chassis grease, formulated with a lithium complex soap thickener and high quality mineral base oil. It contains rust and oxidation inhibitors, EP and anti-wear additives to ensure excellent performance and long life, even in severe service conditions such as high temperatures, shock loading and where water contamination is possible.


  • Automotive wheel bearings, particularly those operating under the high temperature, high load conditions that are caused by braking at high speed.
  • General lubrication of chassis points (e.g. shackles, tie rod ends, steering knuckles, control arms and kingpins), electric motors and water pumps of passengers cars, buses and trucks.
  • Applications requiring an NLGI GC-LB wheel bearing and chassis grease where the operating temperature range is between –30°C and +180°C.



Lithium complex soap thickener ensures a high dropping point, which means that the grease can be used at higher temperatures in severe service applications (operating temperature range is from –30°C to +180°C), and also confers excellent mechanical stability so that the grease structure does not break down in service.

Excellent adhesive properties ensure the grease sticks to metal surfaces even under high-temperature conditions, and provides an optimum oil film thickness to protect the moving parts and provide long service life.

Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear properties protect heavily loaded or shock loaded bearings from wear, extending equipment life.



Industry/ Manufacturer Specification 
NLGI grade 2
Appearance, visual Smooth, blue, buttery
Thickener type Lithium complex
Base fluid type Mineral
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Brand Sinopec
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