Your transmission fluid has an important job – it keeps all the moving parts well lubricated to prevent overheating and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. However, it’s easy to fall behind on your maintenance and forget to change your trans fluid as often as you should. Today, let’s take a look at some of the top indications that you need to change the transmission oil for your engine.

1. Strange noises

If you’re noticing odd noises coming from the vehicle, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Grinding or squealing noises could be an indication that your transmission isn’t getting the lubrication it needs, so a fluid change may be in order. You can check the colour of your transmission fluid to get an indication if your transmission fluid needs changing – it should be a bright red colour. Remember, if the strange noises persist even after you’ve changed the transmission fluid, go and see a mechanic!

2. Difficulty changing gears

Changing gears should be a seamless movement so if you’re struggling to move the gear stick, your transmission fluid could be the culprit. This is easiest to detect in a manual vehicle as it will be physically difficult to move the gear stick through the different gears. In an automatic, it might be that it sticks before moving into place. This could be because of a build of grime in the transmission.

3. Slipping out of gear

Another sign that your transmission fluid could do with changing is that you find that your vehicle is slipping out of gear. There needs to be enough pressure in the transmission to stay in gear and a build-up of grime can lead to a lack of hydraulic power as the fluid struggles to flow. In this situation, the debris may need to be flushed out and the fluid replaced.

4. Unexplained surging

It’s fair enough that you want a smooth drive so it can be frustrating if you suddenly find that your engine is randomly surging forwards or backwards when you press the accelerator or the brake. This could be a sign that your transmission fluid needs replacing as it might mean that a dirty transmission is stopping the proper flow of fluid.

5. Strange smells

This is a pretty easy to spot sign that your transmission fluid may be due for a change. If you detect strong smells coming from your fluid, then it probably either needs to be changed or topped up. If the transmission fluid smells burnt even after you’ve changed it, it could be a sign of a bigger problem so visit your mechanic.  

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