It’s one of those things that can be overlooked sometimes…  Followed by the answer “any old grease will do.” Well unfortunately in our Aussie heat, we can’t afford to just put “any old grease” in your machine and cross our fingers.

Australian lubricants must be specially formulated for weather conditions that can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius. So how can you be sure it’s the right grease for your machine?

Selecting Your Grease

Before picking out the type of grease consider the most important thing; the conditions. Have a quick search into the components that make the product up. Compare that research with your environment, temperature and operational periods.

Below are the top three things you need to consider when selecting the right lubricant for your machines.

Base Oil Viscosity

Selecting the correct base oil viscosity is the first important step. Viscosity is temperature dependent.

For example, the same bobcat in Canada wouldn’t take the same gear oil and grease as an Australian one. The relationship viscosity has with temperature is described by the index (VI). Oils with a high VI go through a smaller change when exposed to wider temperatures.

This results in a thicker lubricant film over the full range of temperature the machine is exposed to in operation.  And there are various online tools to assist you to select your correct grease.


In Australia, heat is a major player when grease is required to last under mass pressure. The durability is in the thickness. It’s believed, that the thickener is the lubricating part of the grease, yet it is what holds the lubricant in place, like a sponge.

Keep in mind that grease can be employed in a variety of machines, operational situations, and environments. Some of the common uses of grease are for cables, plain bearings, rolling-element bearings, linear bearings, ball screws, sideways, and seals. All these mechanisms are in machines that may be working under extreme temperatures. From the heat and dust of an Australian desert or freezing temperatures in the middle of the Atlantic.

Base Oil Type

The Base Oil is determined by the conditions under which the grease best performs. The difference between the temperature, load and pressure will not only influence the base oil type but also the additives. Although synthetic oils will be better over a broader range of environments and weather conditions, mineral base oils can be used if you have a more continual running temperature.

With so many different variables in environment and applications, it can be difficult to choose. Therefore, to pick the right grease for your machine, it can be handy to have a chat with a professional first.

In all cases, the premium lubricants are always going to deliver on quality. And for most vehicle or machine applications, you can use Sinopec’s very own Oil Selector.

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