Earlier this week, the Chinese Olympic Committee proudly announced the signing of Sinopec Group to be an official oil and gas sponsor for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing 2022.

Sinopec will serve as a top-tier sponsor of the events alongside China Petroleum Corporation (CNPC).

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The signing ceremony was held on the 20th of July in Beijing with both CNPC and Sinopec in attendance to become partners for the Winter Olympics.

Sinopec and CNPC have previously been the number one choice for the Olympics' oil and gas sector. Both companies were the official sponsors for the Beijing Summer Olympics held in 2008. Now, adding the Winter Olympics and Paralympics both Sinopec and CNPC will benefit from sharing the marketing rights in the oil and gas category.

This deal with Sinopec brings the total number of Beijing 2022 official partners to eight, with Sinopec and CNPC joining Bank of China, Air China, Yili Group, Anta, China Unicom and Shougang Group.

Dai Houliang, Board Chairman of Sinopec Group, stated: “Sinopec Group will cherish this second opportunity to serve the Olympics by actively taking part in Beijing 2022’s venue construction and supplying the Games with important resources such as clean energy.”

Sinopec Group is China’s largest oil and petrochemical products supplier and its second-largest oil and gas manufacturer. Sinopec is also the world’s largest refining company and second largest chemical company.

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