International Lubricant Distributors P.L. (ILD) is very excited to achieve Carbon Neutral certification from the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy.

Over the past 10 years, the partnership between ILD and Sinopec Premium Lubricants has made a significant impact on Australia’s lubricant industry. ILD leads the way in delivering a fresh new approach to doing business in today’s extremely competitive lubricants environment.

The ILD Carbon Neutral Program is another way in which ILD will lead the industrial lubricants industry while minimizing our impact on the environment.

The Department of the Environment and Energy’s website states that:

“Businesses and other organisations are managing their greenhouse gas emissions to position themselves for growth and competitiveness in a lower-emissions future. Businesses are also choosing to go one step further and demonstrate leadership and corporate responsibility by becoming carbon neutral.

Carbon neutral means reducing emissions where possible and compensating for the remainder by investing in carbon reduction projects (via offset units) to achieve net zero carbon emissions.”

Tim Seeber, Managing Director of ILD said

“We see this certification as an integral part of who we are as a business. ILD has been leading and innovating in the market for the past ten years with the Sinopec brand of Premium Lubricants and this is one more important step forward for our business. ILD is fully Carbon Neutral and ISO 9001 certified across all our operations in Australia. We believe this gives our customers the confidence that they are working with the most professional and progressive supplier in the market.”

The ILD Carbon Neutral Program will encompass the full suite of sales and procurement lifecycle activities, not just one product or division of the business. All activities generated by our company will be Carbon Neutral certified. ILD expects to set the new standard in this field and anticipates that our customers will see the social and environmental benefits of working with a Carbon Neutral supplier.


For more information on the Carbon Neutral Program, please go to:

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