Understanding engine oil can be confusing, and then choosing the best one for your vehicle even more difficult. There are so many oils out there, and they all come along with a variety of claims about how good they are for your engine. Adding to this, Sinopec has recently released its JUSTAR J700F Plus 0W-30 Engine Oil for new Toyota engines and other high performance engines that may or may not Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) or Three Way Catalysts (TWC).

Your vehicle OEM will tell you what specification of oil you should use – so far, so good.  But now you need to determine which brand offers the best oil for the best value for money. If in doubt, many people will choose a brand they already know and trust that it is doing a good job. And you may be paying extra for that label because it provides a perceived level of comfort.

Sinopec, being the largest oil company in the world by revenue (Forbes 2018), has seen sales in Australia rocketing as it provides a high-quality product at a price typically lower than the other global brands.

Sinopec JUSTAR J700F Plus 0W-30 Engine Oil is formulated with fully synthetic base oils and an advanced high-quality multi-functional additive package to provide effective protection to both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines. Specially designed to meet the requirements of ACEA C2 for light duty petrol or diesel engines in high performance cars and light vans with or without DPF or TWC.

Good ACEA C2 oils, like the Sinopec product, combine fully synthetic base oils and antioxidant plus an anti-wear additive package extends engine life even under high temperature operating conditions. Be careful that the product you purchase has these qualities. Some companies may make a product that is deliberately manufactured to meet the minimum ACEA C2 specifications but charge you a premium price.

Choose wisely. Look for the best value product in the market – not just the label.

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