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Sinopec Justar J600F Premium 5W-40 Engine Oil is a stable, stay-in-grade, fully synthetic engine oil formulated with deeply hydrogenated base stocks and a unique additive system. Meeting various low SAPs specifications, and several OEM specifications, this product provides effective protection to both turbocharged and naturally aspirated gasoline and diesel engines. It is designed for vehicles fitted with a two-way catalytic converter (TWC) or the latest diesel after-treatment system (diesel particulate filter, DPF).


200L Drum 



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  • Turbocharged and naturally aspirated gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Vehicles fitted with TWC or the latest diesel after-treatment system (e.g. DPF).
  • High-performance car and light van diesel and gasoline engines.
  • Engines that require an oil that meets EURO IV and EURO V emissions regulations.



Meets a wide range of specifications, and so reduces inventory costs.

Formulated with high viscosity index, fully synthetic base stocks and advanced anti-oxidation additives, providing
effective protection for engines under high temperature and prolonging their service life.

Low SAPs formulation guarantees longer life of emission control devices such as TWC and DPF, and longer drain
intervals, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Effectively disperses ash and deposits, and inhibits the formation of sludge to keep engines clean, and reduce energy
loss due to frictional wear.

Ultra low vaporisation loss, reduces oil consumption and lowers exhaust emissions.

Outstanding shear stability properties, with a minimum HTHS of 3.5 mPa.s, ensure the oil stays in grade for longer.

Compatible with seal materials normally used in engines, so extends their life and prevents oil leakage.


Industry/ Manufacturer  Specification 
SAE grade 5W-40
ACEA A3-02
API Service Classification Petrol/Gasoline: SM, SL and earlier specifications
  Diesel: CF and earlier HDDEO specifications
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Brand Sinopec
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