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Sinopec L-QB 300 Thermal Conduction Oil is formulated using a narrow-cut, highly refined mineral oil, which has excellent inherent thermal and oxidation stability, together with selected detergent, dispersant and antioxidant additives. It is recommended for use as a heat transfer fluid in closed, forced or unforced, circulation systems where the bulk oil temperature does not exceed 290°C.


200L Drum 


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  • Closed heat transmission systems with forced or unforced circulation operating at a maximum bulk temperature of 290°C.
  • Drying and heating processes, such as those used in timber processing, textile finishing, food processing and the
    chemical industry.



The narrow-cut base oil has a high distillation point, which avoids pressure build up in the closed circulation system.

Excellent thermal and oxidation stability ensure the oil does not crack, break down or produce deposits at high
temperatures, extends the life of the oil, protects the system and reduces maintenance costs.

The high flash point and low evaporation rate enable the oil to be used in closed systems up to 290°C.

The high specific heat and thermal conductivity of the oil enable rapid heat transfer, improved operating efficiency and lower operating costs.

Good fluidity at low temperatures ensures good oil circulation, even at low-temperature start-up.

Good rust and corrosion resistance protects the system and reduce maintenance costs.

Used paraffinic mineral oil can be recycled or disposed of more easily than naphthenic or synthetic fluids.


Industry/Manufacturer  Specification 
DIN 51522-1998
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Industry Agriculture, Car, Construction, Marine, Mining, Transport
Brand Sinopec
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