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Petromin Turbomaster J 15W-40 ECO Series

Petromin Turbomaster J 15W-40 ECO Series

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Petromin Turbomaster J 15W-40 ECO Series is ultra-high performance diesel engine oil designed to meet the most severe performance requirements of the latest high output North American, Japanese, Korean & European diesel engines. It is formulated with higher grade of base oils having a higher viscosity index. The excellent cold start behavior ensures an optimal lubrication safety in the cold running phase.
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20 Litre – price offer sold in packs of 6 only

Outstanding deposit control under high temperature conditions encountered in turbocharged engines.

Effective detergent additive system minimizes piston crown land deposits which can lead to damaging bore polishing.

Proven organometallic anti-wear additive reduces wear in severe service by forming an interface layer on all metal contact surfaces, hence reducing wear & maintenance.

Extended drain periods due to high temperature stability which minimizes degradation, sludge formation and oil thickening, consequently longer drain Intervals.

High shear-stable Viscosity Index improver maintains oil viscosity in the high temperature ring belt area.

Low volatility of synthetic fluids reduces oil evaporation.

Fuel economy and long drain periods with the appropriate Diesel Fuel Sulphur content

Oil is backward compatible with older generations of diesel engines