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Sinopec LPG/CNG Gas Engine Oil Type II 15W40 is a high-performance engine oil formulated with high-quality base oils and a multifunctional additive system. It is especially designed for use in gas and dual-fuelled passenger car engines.

*This is a discontinued line* 

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Sinopec LPG/CNG Gas Engine Oil Type II 15W40 engine oil is suitable for use in:
• Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or compressed natural gas (CNG) single-fuel passenger car engines.
• LPG/gasoline or CNG/gasoline dual-fuel passenger car engines.
• High-mileage, continuous service operations, e.g. in LPG- or CNG-fuelled taxis.
• Both spark-ignited and pilot diesel ignition engines.
• Mobile equipment converted to run on LPG or CNG.


High-quality base oils and a multifunctional additive system combine to ensure maximum engine life and minimum oil consumption in gas-fuelled passenger car engines.

The low-ash formulation leads to improved engine combustion chamber cleanliness.

Effective dispersant and detergent properties minimise the formation of inlet-valve and piston deposits, reducing inlet-valve recession, wear and oil consumption.

Excellent oxidation and nitration resistance protects against oil thickening caused by high engine operating temperatures, keeping the product in grade for longer and extending oil life and service intervals.

Reduced bearing corrosion, leads to longer engine life.

Compatible with three-way catalytic converters, enhancing catalyst life.

Good elastomer compatibility ensures longer gasket and seal life, and prevents oil leakage.

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Industry Agriculture, Car, Construction, Marine, Mining, Transport
Brand Sinopec
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