What Does Hydraulic Oil Do?

What Does Hydraulic Oil Do?

Hydraulic systems are present in our everyday life and are designed to make things safer and easier, often in industrial and marine settings. Whether it’s for a vehicle, machinery or any other application, part of keeping the system healthy is maintaining it with proper oil. As premium lubricant suppliers, we’re here to look a little more closely at the role of hydraulic oil.

Transmits Energy

The main role of hydraulic oil is to transfer power throughout the hydraulic system – without the oil, the system wouldn’t work. In basic terms, the oil is pushed through the system to produce a force on another part of the system. To be effective at this job, the oil needs to have low foaming properties, fast air release and be highly stable.

Heat transfer 

It’s no surprise that hydraulic machines produce a lot of heat, especially in the pumps and motors. Without an effective way of getting rid of this heat, it could cause damage to the internal parts. When hydraulic oil passes through the system, it often passes through a cooler which allows it to maintain a stable temperature.

Contamination removal

With any hydraulic machine, a build-up of contamination and particles can lead to inefficiency and can eventually lead to damage. The lubricant is designed to carry dirt away from sensitive components to prevent a build-up of grime. The oil can then pass through filtering mechanisms to clean up the dirt.


Physical seals, such as O-rings, do the job of preventing hydraulic oil from escaping and preventing leakages between the various components. However, the hydraulic oil itself also acts as a seal within the internal parts of pumps, valves, and motors as the result of surface tension and resistance to shearing.


Appropriate lubrication is required to make sure your hydraulic system runs smoothly, and that’s a job for your oil. Without proper lubrication, the internal parts can become damaged and overheated. A good quality oil will create a film over all of the various moving parts so you can be confident that the hydraulic machine will be reliable. For premium lubricants in Australia, you’ve come to the right place with Sinopec. We pride ourselves on our world-leading range of lubricants and greases, which have been tailored for tough Australian conditions. Our products surpass international and OEM and Accreditation Authority specifications and we have one of the world’s largest research and development teams. This means you can be assured of a quality product for whichever industry to work in. If you’ve been looking for quality hydraulic oil distributors,  fill in our online inquiry form here to experience the difference today!