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Industrial Gear Oil L-CKD 220 18L

Sinopec L-CKD Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Oil is a range of high-performance gear oils formulated with high-quality mineral oils and an advanced multifunctional additive. These oils are designed for use in enclosed industrial gear drives where they offer excellent extreme pressure and load carrying properties
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  • Enclosed industrial gear drives equipped with circulation or splash-lubrication systems, operating under normal, heavy or shock-loaded conditions.

  • Plain or anti-friction bearings running under heavy or shock loaded conditions.

  • Heavy-duty gearboxes in a wide range of applications and industries, for example, in conveyers, presses,  extruders and crushers in the construction, mining, steel and chemical sectors.

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Industry Agriculture, Car / Motorcycle, Construction, Marine, Mining & Earthmoving, Transport, Truck & Bus
Brand Sinopec
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