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Tulux T600 Diesel Engine Oil API CJ-4 15W-40 5L

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Sinopec Diesel Engine Oil CJ-4/SM 15W-40* is formulated with high viscosity index, group 2 base oils and advanced low-SAPS (sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur) multifunctional additive technology to meet the requirements of a wide range of engine manufacturers. Suitable for use in heavy duty diesel engines, including modern low-emission diesel engines and those using exhaust after-treatment systems. Also suitable for use in petrol/gasoline engines requiring an API SM quality oil. PLEASE NOTE: This product can only be bought in increments of four
Tulux T600 Diesel Engine Oil API CJ-4 15W-40 5L is available to buy in increments of 4
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  • Heavy-duty diesel engines with EGR, DPF or other new technology low-emission systems, which require a low-ash lubricant in order to meet Euro-III/IV/V and Australian ADR 80/00, 80/02 and 80/03 requirements. 

  • Heavy-duty diesel engines using exhaust after-treatment systems. 

  • Heavy-duty diesel engines operating continuously under very heavy or high load-factor conditions. 

  • On-highway application in heavy-duty vehicles operating under severe conditions, such as long-distance or urban traffic vehicles; also suitable in light-duty on-highway applications. 

  • Petrol/gasoline engines requiring an API SM quality oil.

  • Suitable for mixed fleet use.

  • Off-highway applications that use emission control systems.


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Industry Agriculture, Car / Motorcycle, Construction, Marine, Mining & Earthmoving, Transport, Truck & Bus
Brand Sinopec
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