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We offer the best heavy-duty diesel engine oils in Australia that have specially formulated technology to endure harsh environments because Sinopec Premium Lubricants only want the best for your diesel engine. We made sure our range of diesel engine oils is not only the best in Western Australia but the whole of Australia. If you travel long distances or work in extreme temperatures, Sinopec has the right diesel engine oil and grease for your machine.

International Lubricant Distributors is partnered with Australia's market leaders across many industries and offers a comprehensive range of diesel engine oils. You can choose from our high-performance synthetics, Dexos 2, semi-synthetic and premium mineral oil base products to suit every application.

Viscosity range includes: 5w-30, 10w-40, 15w-40 and SAE30.  

Click here for our Engine Oil Guide by car, and see what the right diesel engine oil is for you.


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