Our range of truck washes are non-toxic, biodegradable, heavy-duty, and hard surface cleaners which are safe to use on all paint, plastic and metal surfaces.

Features & Benefits

Truck wash is also designed to replace a variety of other cleaning products used for washing machinery, parts, equipment and tools. It has excellent grime penetration and is free rinsing.

It is designed for use on any type of vehicle including trucks and trailers, cars, 4-wheel drive vehicles, vans, motorcycles, boats, and caravans. 

Recommended Applications

  • Cleaning tenacious dirt and grime from heavily soiled vehicles, such as trucks and buses, used in road transport operations.
  • Cleaning contaminants encountered in off-highway vehicle applications in mining, earthmoving and similar operations.
  • Cleaning trams and trains, as well as passenger cars and other light vehicles.
  • Truck wash is suitable for both hand and automatic washing.

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