Our oils must pass a number of quality tests, which is why our Justar petrol engine oil is surpassing all OEM’s with its highly refined hydrocracked base oils.

Features & Benefits

Available to you from our online shop as SAE 10W-30 (Synthetic Technology), 15W 40 and 20W 50 multi-grades to cover whatever your engine requires. Our lubricants in Australia are specially made for the harsh conditions with technology that only we have. This makes our petrol engine oil your number one option for getting better results, greater performance and long-lasting wear.

The multipurpose lubricant provides effective protection for gasoline or diesel engines, particularly those operating at high ambient temperatures that are most apparent in Australia. Buy your petrol engine oil online with International Lubricant Distributors and have it delivered right to your door.

We make things easier and easier here at ILD and using our Oil Selector couldn’t be simpler. If you're not sure what oil you need, click here for our Engine Oil Guide by car.

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