Sinopec: Industry leaders in premium lubricants

The Sinopec Group is the world’s second-largest oil refiner and fourth largest lubricants company. Its quality products have been keeping industries turning for years. From fully synthetic engine oils to steam turbine lubricants. There is no doubting Sinopec’s technical expertise and performance credentials. They have proven themselves time and time again with quality.

Producing over seven hundred variants of oils and greases for every application imaginable. Sinopec’s premium lubricants have caught the attention of businesses. The type of business who seek products that provide outstanding performance every time.

With Sinopec, you’re in safe hands.

Quality Without Compromise 

The state-of-the-art plant in Singapore produces premium synthetic lubricants and greases worldwide. The facility allows access to the highest quality base oil stocks and additives. And advanced productions help control production costs without compromising on the products quality.

Sinopec has made extensive investments to develop a complete product range. A range that tailors to Australia’s toughest applications and conditions. Built on ensuring a delivery above and beyond on expected results.

They are one of the world’s largest research and development teams in the world. Spread across 13 international research centres.

The results of their research?

Premium products have proven with outstanding performance in the harshest field situations. Back in the lab, we see some of the cleanest and most effective oils and lubricants in the world. These premium quality products surpass international OEM and Accreditation Authority specifications.

exceeding industry needs

Sinopec’s Australian products go head-to-head with the best products in the market. Majority of the time, they’re exceeding in performance standards.  We meet the competitions’ products in quality, durability, and value for your money. 

Keep your world moving. Try the product for yourself today.

Sinopec offers a full range of premium lubricants and greases across all of the major industry sectors. This includes Mining and Earthmoving, Car and Motorcycle, Agriculture, Construction, Transportation and Marine.

Sinopec’s Australian products go head-to-head with the best products in the market. They not only meet the competition in quality and durability but regularly exceed the performance standards of the competition.

 Keep your world moving. Try the product for yourself today.


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