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ILD Truck Wash is a non-toxic, biodegradable, heavy-duty, and hard surface cleaner which is safe to use on all paint, plastic and metal surfaces. It has excellent grime penetration and is free rinsing. It is designed for use on any type of vehicle including trucks and trailers, cars, 4-wheel drive vehicles, vans, motorcycles, boats, and caravans. ILD Truck Wash is suitable for both hand and automatic washing.   200L Drum      Product not available in your state? 
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For hand washing, ILD Truck Wash should be diluted at 1 to 20 - 50 parts of water (based on the level of surface contamination), applied to vehicle and then followed with a thorough rinse.

For pressure/automatic system, please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended ratios.

As a hand or brush wipe-on application, use a ratio of 1 cap truck wash to 10 litres of water. For general conditions of surface contamination, mix 1 part solution with 20 parts water (hot or cold). Heavy deposits or grease contaminated areas may require double the concentration.

ILD Truck Wash is also designed to replace a variety of other cleaning products used for washing machinery, parts, equipment and toolseen 1 and 5%.