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Sinopec Rock drill Moly 320 is a clear formulation oil with anti-wear, friction modifier, extreme pressure and tackiness agents, that is specially formulated to meet the lubrication requirements of high speed, heavily loaded rock drills, drifters, hammers and other pneumatically operated equipment.   1000L IBC     Product not available in your state?
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It is blended from solvent refined paraffinic high viscosity index base stocks which allow it to operate over a wide temperature range giving excellent thermal stability and resistance to oxidation.

The additive package provides extreme pressure qualities as well as protecting against rust, corrosion and oxidation.



The moving parts of rock drills are designed to perform under hydrodynamic lubrication conditions. A full fluid film separates the metal surfaces of the moving parts during operation. However, this film can be destroyed during periods of cold start-up and severe shock loads.

Molybdenum/sulphur/phosphorous anti-wear properties provide lubrication to the metal surfaces of rifle bars, drill pistons and cylinders of the rock drills. These will withstand very high pressures, thus reducing wear and extending equipment life.

The tackiness additive increases oil surface tension, strengthens adherence to metal surfaces, reducing fling-off and water wash-out.

A range of available viscosities allows the selection of the optimum lubricant. The correct viscosity ensures that the lubricant feed from line oilers and other types of metering devices provide effective trouble free lubrication to every
lubricated surface of the equipment. Incorrect viscosity leads to inadequate lubricant coverage with resultant high wear rates, decreased equipment service life or even costly premature equipment failures.

Sinopec Rockdrill Moly 320 is classified as non-hazardous to the environment and has negligible odour. These can be important characteristics when exhausting oil mist into confined areas, including underground mining.


ISO grade 320