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Sinopec Rock Drill Oil is a range of lubricants formulated with highly refined mineral oils and a combination of additives, including extreme pressure, tackiness and antifoaming additives, rust and corrosion inhibitors, and emulsifiers. Designed for the lubrication and cooling of pneumatically operated rock drills in underground and surface-mining operations, they are also suitable for the lubrication of similar equipment in building and highway construction applications. Available in seven viscosity grades: from ISO 32 to ISO 320.   1000L IBC     Product not available in your state?
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Pneumatically operated rock drills used in both underground and surface-mining.

Pneumatically operated drills, jack hammers and tampers used in highway construction and building.

Rock drills used in quarrying.

Percussion and rotary air-operated tools in other industrial uses.



Good lubrication and cooling properties, along with excellent extreme pressure and antiwear performance, protect drill parts from wear, even under the severe conditions of continuous shock loading, and lead to longer component life.

A tackiness additive provides excellent adhesive properties and ensures that the oil clings to moving parts and is not easily flung or washed off, giving lower oil consumption and longer drill life.

Rust and corrosion inhibitors protect metals parts, even when constantly exposed to moisture or corrosive environments.

Good emulsifying properties prevent water from displacing the oil and wetting metal surfaces, and so ensure a good oil film is maintained protecting surfaces against wear and also preventing corrosion.

Available in a range of viscosity grades, to enable the selection of a single grade that will suit year-round use even where seasonal ambient temperatures vary widely.

Meet the performance requirements of many rock drill manufacturers.


Industry/ Manufacturer Specification ISO viscosity grade320Gardner DenverLight, medium and heavy rock drill oilsIngersoll-RandLight, medium and heavy rock drill oils