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Sinopec TO-4 Heavy Duty Classic Transmission Fluid is a range of products formulated with high-quality mineral oils and an advanced additive system. Improvements in the performance of heavy-duty equipment have been made possible by advances in technology and improved power-train designs, which in turn require higher performing fluids. Sinopec TO-4 Heavy Duty Classic Transmission Fluid grades are specially designed to meet the demanding Caterpillar TO-4 specification.   200L Drum      Product not available in your state?
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Heavy-duty transmissions, gearboxes, final drives and hydraulic systems used in off-highway applications, where a Caterpillar TO-4 product is recommended.

Other heavy-duty applications in the mining, construction, quarrying and agricultural industries. Manual, power-shift and automatic transmissions where Allison C-4 fluids (SAE 10W and 30 grades) are recommended.

Mobile hydraulic equipment applications. Applications where paper and elastomer disc materials are used and advanced frictional properties are required to extend clutch life and provide slippage control under severe heavy load conditions.

For more demanding or critical applications, for example where a ZF approved product is required, consider using the product Sinopec TO-4 Heavy-Duty Transmission Fluid, which has a higher specification.



Good anti-wear properties and load carrying ability to reduce gear wear and extend the life of heavy-duty transmission systems, gearboxes and final drives, leading to improved performance and reduced equipment downtime.

Outstanding oxidation stability, thermal stability and detergency prevent the build up of deposits and ensure long fluid life.

Advanced frictional properties provide the clutch friction retention and slippage control required in equipment that uses modern paper or elastomer disc materials.

Compatible with modern clutch materials and elastomers, to extend component life and prevent oil leakage.

Effective control of foaming together with good air-release properties ensure a smooth transfer of power and shifting
performance, and reduce fluid loss in severe service conditions.

Very good low-temperature properties protect against wear under cold start up and running conditions.


Product DetailSpecification SAE viscosity gradeSAE 10Caterpillar TO-4  AllisonC-4