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Greasolve is a versatile solvent degreaser. It may be used for general cleaning, degreasing of workshops, the transport industry and mining equipment.


20L Pail


  • Quick breaking.
  • Advanced formulation removes oils and grime from all surfaces.
  • High flashpoint makes it safer to use.
  • An efficient degreaser that cuts into oils, grease and Bitumen.
  • Safe to use on all metals.
  • Ready to use. Spray, brush or immerse.


Use as Received.

Manual Cleaning: Apply with a brush or spray. Allow 5 – 10 minutes for Greasolve to penetrate the grime. Rinse off with water spray pressure cleaner.

Immersion Cleaning: Greasolve is an ideal product for immersion cleaning. Submerse components in the solution for 20 – 30 minutes. Upon removing the parts from the tank rinse off with water spray pressure cleaner.

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Brand Sinopec
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